Label Design

We are all aware of the requirements for proper labeling on products – this is known as CLP and is nothing to do with TPD but it is required for ANY product that is sold in the marketplace.

Custom Battery Wrapz designers are fully aware of the CLP regulations pertaining to both nicotine and non-nicotine related vaping products as well as the additional requirements for TPD so you can safely commission our services safe in the knowledge that we really do know what we are doing.

Label Printing

We know that printing you well designed artwork onto labels can be an expensive option – in many cases you end up with either having to have a standard label which you manually enter product names onto (for example) or you have to order 1000’s of a design, when all you really want is 50.

We have teamed up with a label print company and can offer some pretty good rates on short run printed labels – you don’t even have to use us for your design work, however we will check the artwork you supply for CLP/TPD compliance as appropriate just for your own peace of mind.

For a quote please contact us.

Jeez Juice Labels

Custom designed label, custom size, 250 printed on sheets