Frequently Asked Questions

What are the mats made of?

The mat has a polyester fabric top, on base of 3mm neoprene.

What are the sizes of the mats?

We have the following mat sizes available:

25cm x 30cm – ideal as a mousemat

60cm x 30cm – our most popular size

80cm x 40cm – bigger than you realise!

90cm x 40cm – ideal for a counter top in a shop

What can I have printed on the mats?

You can have anything printed on them as long as there are no copyright restrictions.

How much are the mats?

Typically a single 60cm x 30cm mat is £20 inc UK postage, prices do vary of course, depending on a number of factors:

  • quantity of mats
  • are they for a Facebook group we sponsor
  • size of the mat